IoT & M2M

With Telcovas Tailor made IoT Application help your mobility footprint grow horizontally. Telcovas End to End IoT Solution comprises of Connectivity Management, Device Management with enabled Security and Devices on offer.

Telcovas IoT Is based on design philosophies:


Identify a problem and create a use-case to meet the needs of end customer


With tailor made solutions we create run-time engines for CSP’s to establish connectivity, real-time, bi-directional connectivity with assets and identify any security threats


Understand Data patterns, with actionable business insights generated by platform CSP’s can define business rules for various sensor data.


With deployment model ranging across on-premise, public and private clouds, Enterprise can utilize what is preferred


Extensive interface referencing the application can support RESTful API’s across CRM, Billing, Rating, ERP, PLM and SCM




Telcovas IoT Devices are linked to the Telcovas IoT Platform through various wireless protocols such as Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, 3G, Thread, and others. Every smart IoT device carries a digital identity used for its identification in the network.


IoT Platform

Telcovas IoT Platform is the Internet of Things solution based in a cloud. It enables easy, secure and scalable connection of physical objects – IoT devices and computer-based systems.


Business use cases

The growth of IoT is paving the path for new business avenues. The pertinent question for enterprises is no longer if their business benefits from IoT adoption - but rather what IoT functionalities can be best used to their advantage.


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