Customer Engagement Solutions

Communication strengthens the connections between Enterprises and its users. Telecommunication is based on the framework of connecting its subscribers, and with the entry of Digitization in every aspect of Technology, the communication channels have increased by many folds and new channels been added on daily basis.
Telcovas with its well-designed platforms provides unparalleled connectivity based platform while for Communication Service Provider’s (CSP’s) can also benefits by monetizing it and laying the correct foundation and provide steady, stronger, faster yet secure means to achieve it.

Unified Messaging / Omni channel

Know your customers and communicate over their preferred channel, Use our Unified Messaging / Omni channel customer engagement hub and build a lasting relations by sending them personalized messaging and through smart automation


SMS Firewall

Our telco-grade SMS firewall platform safeguards customers from spam and malicious messages while also with security being at the heart of it allows Communication service providers to block unwarranted routes. SMSFW is yet innovative and cost effective solutions for mobile operators in sms domain.


A2P messaging

Use our Enterprise Messaging Solution, A2P (Application-to-Person), that gives you a highly customizable, cost-effective, reliable yet fast plug-and-play system.


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